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Ireland is Right

My post of Friday has drawn criticism from a reader in Ireland. Identified only as JD, here is what the comment said: “I guess your next post will be about how America was literally directly responsible for downing the Iran 665 flight in the 80s and how your then vice president told the world he basically didn’t give a crap, because he would “never apologize” for America and he “didn’t care” what the facts were. I suppose America’s mistakes aren’t as bad though, right? If…

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Comeuppance, Cost Overruns and Brutality

There are always some things you love to hear. How about the white supremacist that is trying to set up an Aryan enclave in North Dakota. He took a DNA test on a television show and discovered he was 14 percent black. And then there are the things that make you shake your head. The Navy christened its newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford. It’s the most expensive warship ever made. It was supposed to cost eleven billion, but came in two billion dollars…

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