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Politics and Poetry

A friend of mine said to me the other day, “you’ve been very serious lately on your blogs, why don’t you lighten up once in awhile.” I think what he really meant was, why not criticize the democrats once in awhile. All right, the democrat candidates and there are really only two, Hillary and Bernie, unless Joe decides to run. Personally, I hope he does not get into the race, but political ego is a powerful motivator and he probably will decide to run. As…

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The Iranian Deal

The Iranian deal is done, at least as far as the negotiators are concerned. I have not read it yet, BUT… Now it up to the United States to either embrace the negotiated settlement or scuttle it. Politics will play a prominent role in the spin and in the vote. Each country participating in the negotiations had their self-interest as their primary motivation for a yea or nay on the final deal. Russia already has said it will now conclude a sale of a sophisticated…

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Flag Day 2015

Yesterday was Flag Day. I missed it and I imagine so did many of you. Of all the national things we hold sacred, celebrating our flag is not something we should miss or have our children miss. If we each still believe in the ideals of this republic then our flag is the standard bearer of our beliefs and even though we are busy, we ought to remember the day. There was a time in our history when our flag was empty of experience. It…

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