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Poetic Memories

When I attended my 50th high school reunion I prepared a few remarks, but I did so in poetic fashion. Here is a portion of what I said, sans the personal reference to specific classmates. Since poetry is part of life And I have fun with rhyme I’ll speak tonight about our past And how we’ve changed with time. It’s great to see old faces here I do not recognize. It’s also great to see the ones I’ve kept in friendly ties. There’re many things…

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Reading and Talking

Have you ever watched someone reading a newspaper? They seem to have un-connected thoughts sandwiched between limited conversation and editorial comment on what they just read. The rattle and crinkle the of paper as the page is turned encourages a glance at the advertisements, which in turn disconnects from the flow of information. It’s a lot like watching a television newscast. You have to watch TV news consecutively, not concurrently and that can lead to a mental disconnect. Reading a book is different. The concentration…

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Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my granddaughter’s birthday and tomorrow is mine. One of us is eight and the other sixty-seven. No hints. I did get to thinking about the difference in life perception from an eight year old to me. There are a lot of experiential years in between that provide a knowing look on the condition of human kind and there is a lot of youthful wonderment in eight years of existence that I have forgotten and should probably embrace for a gestalt understanding of life…

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