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Youthful Anchors

A few weeks ago a writer friend of mine Jerry Barmash said he was preparing an article on television anchors getting younger and the use of  social media on newscasts. He asked me if I had any thoughts on the subject. I did, and sent part of the following to him for his use and consideration and I have amplified it for this post. I do think the news anchors are getting younger and in some cases too young. Many are inexperienced for the positions…

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The Day After New Years Day

Day After ©2014 Rolland G. Smith   Twas the day after New Years And all over the world The people were hoping That love would unfurl.   As I sat in my chair And wondered out loud Could this be the time When peace is avowed?   I looked at the headlines And watched some TV. It didn’t seem likely I’m sure you’ll agree.   When out from my spirit There came a great thought If we change what we think Could we change what…

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Yesterday was my granddaughter’s thirteenth birthday and tomorrow is my birthday. One of us is old and the other beautiful. No hints. I did get to thinking about the difference in life’s perceptions from a thirteen year old to me. There are a lot of experiential years in between that provide a knowing look on the condition of human kind and there is a lot of youthful wonderment in thirteen years of existence that I have forgotten and should probably embrace for a gestalt understanding…

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