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Zero Thinking

When did we change? In recent weeks there have been stories of intolerance and adult reactionary idiocy dealing with school children and the absurdity of zero tolerance. There was a nine year old kicked out of school for couple of days because he slapped a sign on the back of some classmates that said, “kick me.” Another grade school child was arrested by police for assault because he put spit wads in a straw and fired at other students. When asked, police said, “assault is…

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Travelers Disgrace

Good Morning, I’m back from delightful travels and working events with favorite friends. This retirement thing for me has some drawbacks and it was plain ol’ fun to get back before the camera once again and see if the old skills were still around. I’ll leave that assessment to the producers and directors of my professional events, but in my mind I had a great time no matter what. Traveling does hone the observational senses and that is the subject of today’s blog. Here is…

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