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The Irish Connection is a good one within my family and very good friends. Saint Patrick’s Day is today. It is the day supposedly everyone is Irish. It rings true to me since there is a predominance of Irish blood that runs through my veins or should I say, “me veins”. A number of my Celtic ancestors came from the old sod during the potato famine of the mid eighteen hundreds and established roots in Canada and the New England states. I don’t know much…

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They Just Don’t Get It

They just don’t get it! I’m talking about Congress. I’m talking about the House and the Senate. These guys and gals get elected and think congress is a career path, rather than one of limited service to the people. They don’t get it that what they do and where they are is a privilege, not a right. Our Representatives and Senators are sent to Washington to serve us, the people. They are not there to serve themselves with perks, pork, junkets and other financial courtesies…

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It worked once, why not against Exxon/Mobile

Some thoughts on an action in history. The Ireland of the 1870’s was a troubled place. Poverty, anger, frustration were the crops tilled in the minds of oppressed peasants. A home rule movement began and gained momentum under the leadership of Irish nationalist Charles Parnell. At one point Parnell tried a tactic to prevent land price fixing and the cheating of peasants. If a landlord evicted a tenant, the landlord would be ostracized, ignored. No one would work for him, and shop keepers would refused…

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