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Lara Logan

Once again, in this old world, I am disappointed in the morality and actions of humankind. I know, I know, I should think differently because of my long time reportorial observations of what is seemingly a sordid planet, but … I am referring to the brutal beating and sexual attack on correspondent Lara Logan, a South African national working as a war correspondent for CBS News in Egypt. I will not belabor this point. The Egyptian goons who did this are not worthy of the…

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I have been watching the changes and the conflict in Egypt. I cannot, not watch. Every news program; all the major news organizations have a presence in that ancient area. I almost feel like a voyeur as I watch brother fight brother and ideology battle ideology. Revolution, conflict, demands for change, and uprisings are not new to Egypt. Egypt has been involved in disputes and conflicts since its revolution in 1952. The July 23rd Revolution was aimed at overthrowing King Farouk I. It worked. In…

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