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The Debate

Donald Trump is wrong for not participating in the debate. The debates are not about him or whether he likes a reporter or not, it’s about us, the electorate, to see and feel where the candidates stand on the important issues facing our lives and living. Fox News, a misnomer in itself, claims they adhere to journalistic ethics so no candidate can choose who gets to question them. Fox News, or better yet, Fox Opinion is no paragon or upholder of anything journalism, let alone…

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Bernie and Bill

I read yesterday that Bill O’Reilly said that if Bernie Sanders gets elected president he (Bill) would move to Ireland. To some people that would be a two-fer. O’Reilly allegedly said that he is not going to give 90% of his income to that guy. I don’t know where my old colleague gets that figure, but I don’t know where he gets most of the figures he quotes on his television program. And the last time I looked at the constitutional structure of this American…

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The Veterans Fiasco

I was thinking about posting a commentary on the whole Veterans fiasco and then I read the following article by Dave Johnson published on Nation Of Change over the weekend. It places things into perspective. It’s time America awakens to the prejudice and pejorative attitudes in our Houses of Congress. This is an election year. Do something about it. Here it is: “VA Scapegoat Sacrificed, So Now Can We Fix the VA? By Dave Johnson Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has been forced out. A…

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