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Congress compromise! Right!

I’ve been urging, arguing, chiding and demanding Congress compromise on issues for the good of the whole body politic on this blog for years. Apparently there are many citizens who think similarly. According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released recently shows that nearly seven in ten people believe it’s more important for politicians to cooperate across party lines that stick to their positions. Check out the Chris Cillizza story at www.washingtonpost.com for the details, but the final line of the Post article is…

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We need to  do two things between now and next November. We need to find new candidates for the jobs of those in Congress that we are going to vote out of office. And we need to vote out of office any incumbant who is currently in Congress because individually and collectively they have failed to do their job. Here’s a new poll from the Washington Post Newspaper and ABC News. It’s not much different from the poll last fall. To wit: “A new Washington…

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