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Not What They Seem To Be

You know that famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware? It’s inaccurate. He crossed the Delaware, but the painting is of the Rhine River. The painting by 19th century American Painter, German-born Emanuel Leutze was actually painted in Dusseldorf, Germany and the Rhine River was used as a model. Even allowing for artistic license the painting has its share of errors. The American flag in the painting shows thirteen stars and stripes. George crossed the Delaware the day after Christmas in 1776. The flag design…

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Snow, Ice, Sleet and more

I watched it snow again today. It was a six inch snowfall with intermixed large and small flakes that drifted, floated and swirled onto the already snow covered ground. If you look very carefully at the snow coming down you can choose one flake, among all the others, and watch it as it settles to the ground. Its individuality seemingly disappearing into a sheet of white, but if you were able to take some tweezers and find that same snowflake and pick it up, extract…

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Lee Rolland Smith

Good Morning All, The post this morning is personal. Today would have been the 43rd birthday of my son Lee Rolland Smith. A gentle, but vociferous soul who came to teach by the grace of his personality and the truth of his actions. Rivers of Passing Light© 1999 Rolland G. Smith The sunlight mourns upon a mountain streamAnd holds its sad within the water’s flowReleasing luster light in shimmer gleamTo paint the eye in tearful cameo.I see the future in its draining course.The cradle of…

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More Winter?

Good Morning, Here it is the end of January and a lot of us are peeking out from behind the calendar to see how much longer the winter will last. The Ground Hog will do that for us in a couple of days so we have the luxury of choosing which one is shorter; our perceptions or the Ground Hog’s shadow. The history of the Ground Hog and the shadow foretelling of less or more winter is interesting. Here it is from the folks at:…

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