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I live in a small rural community. My road is what you would call a “dead end”. I’ve always disliked that term and would prefer “no outlet,” but preferences and rules always have a conflict with rules winning out. Anyway, my “dead end” is a microcosm of age and interests.At the start of my road is a boarding house for transient folks who come and go as needed. Some of my neighbors with little kids don’t like it and I understand their concern, but community…

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A story on one of my local news channels raised my journalistic ire the other day. The reporter asked a question to the viewers in MOS interviews. (MOS= Man on the Street.) Should Astronaut Mark Kelly the husband to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords fly into space on the next and last mission of the Space Shuttle?” The last part of the question was left unasked, “ leaving his recuperating wife behind?” Once again, in my continuing ascertainment of current television news, I mocked the screen saying,…

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Super Bowl XLV

Super bowl XLV. With pride the fans came to the bowl,Thinking their team would controlThe ball on the groundIn the air all aroundTo the other, the bell would toll. The match is the super big game,Teams basking in fortune and fame.Bowl forty and five.One only survives.Will next year the teams be the same? The Packers from GreenBay did fightThe Steelers from Pittsburgh all right.The temperatures fineThe weather divineFrom Texas the game did excite. But today with hindsight and woesAnd healing the scrimmaging blows.No media hypeNo…

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I have been watching the changes and the conflict in Egypt. I cannot, not watch. Every news program; all the major news organizations have a presence in that ancient area. I almost feel like a voyeur as I watch brother fight brother and ideology battle ideology. Revolution, conflict, demands for change, and uprisings are not new to Egypt. Egypt has been involved in disputes and conflicts since its revolution in 1952. The July 23rd Revolution was aimed at overthrowing King Farouk I. It worked. In…

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