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Valentine and Birthdays

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day as we all know. Today is the 15th birthday of my twin granddaughters Morgan and Alexa. So today is really my Valentine’s day. What a treat they are in my life and in my heart. In the meantime here is a thought on why we have a Valentine’s Day. Perhaps we are victims of a manufactured holiday, perpetrated by the greeting card, florists and candy companies. It would be nice if all these expressions of affection were to last more than…

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The Wind

“It depends upon the wind” It’s an atavistic expression. I imagine sailors of old and even ones of today know their distance for the day depends upon the wind. We know that animals depend on the wind for both safety and prey. As a pilot I understand the importance and safety of landing into the wind. The wind is a dichotomous gift to humankind. It can be our ally or our enemy. It can cool. It can warm. It can soothe and it can harm.…

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I suppose everybody is frightened by something sometime. We have all sorts of phobias documented by science that give legitimacy to our fears. Acrophobia, thristadeckaphobia, hydrophobia and so on. Phobia is a Greek word meaning fear. After 9/11 and rightfully so many of us developed terrorphobia. We are worried that some misfits who have no concept of the real world will again kill indiscriminately in order to effect fear or punishment. In many ways terrorists are a lot like the road terrorists. It’s their way…

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Gratitude is a little used emotion. Life’s simple experiences, the ones we enjoy doing, our hobbies, our passions and even the ones that we don’t pursue, but are presented to us, sunsets, the feeling of a warm breeze, a field of flowers, a child singing, a lovers touch, a strangers smile, all of these things engender joy and appreciation, but rarely gratitude. I wasn’t going to mention snow, because of shoveling and plowing and we’ve had a lot of that this winter in the northeast.…

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