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Zero Thinking

When did we change? In recent weeks there have been stories of intolerance and adult reactionary idiocy dealing with school children and the absurdity of zero tolerance. There was a nine year old kicked out of school for couple of days because he slapped a sign on the back of some classmates that said, “kick me.” Another grade school child was arrested by police for assault because he put spit wads in a straw and fired at other students. When asked, police said, “assault is…

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Lara Logan

Once again, in this old world, I am disappointed in the morality and actions of humankind. I know, I know, I should think differently because of my long time reportorial observations of what is seemingly a sordid planet, but … I am referring to the brutal beating and sexual attack on correspondent Lara Logan, a South African national working as a war correspondent for CBS News in Egypt. I will not belabor this point. The Egyptian goons who did this are not worthy of the…

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Ah Watson! If you didn’t see the victory that the IBM Watson computer won over the two most winning contestents in Jeopardy’s history it’s OK. It was fun and helps all of us realize that the factual intelligence of a computer is only as smart as it’s programmed. Watson may have won the three-day contest money, but the demonstration was just a beginning of what computers can do. They can analyze facts and conjugate verbs and quickly give a best guess answer based on the…

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Justice v’s Vengeance

There was a story in my area the other day about a Grand Jury that exonerated two police office from a criminal action that killed a college student several months ago. A Grand Jury found the officers not guilty of any criminal malfeasance. The family of the student is furious and the reporters of the story kept saying that the family demands  “justice.” The family and the reporter are misunderstanding the word, “justice.” One of the meanings of justice is the maintenance or administration of…

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