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A rite of spring

Easter is Christianity’s rite of spring. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, but even before Jesus lived on this earth another culture celebrated a re-birth. The Egyptians worshipped many gods, but the two they celebrated in the springtime were Isis and Osiris. Each represented a part of nature. Isis was the land, mother-earth. Osiris was the river, the fertilizer. Their union each spring when the Nile flooded the land, brought the birth of crops, food, a gift from the gods. The celebrations…

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Africa’s HIV epidemic

Some thoughts on one of the greatest medical emergencies and moral dilemmas of the modern era. We have a continuing big problem on this planet. It’s AIDS. HIV infection. 22.5 million of the 40 milion people worldwide infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. Only one percent of those who need anti-aids drugs get them. The cost is too high. Already there are 11 million orphans. In fact the professionals needed to confront the disease are dying faster than new ones can be trained. The…

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Molly The Cat

Some thoughts on Molly the cat. It was quite a story a couple of years ago; the rescue of Molly the cat trapped behind a deli basement wall in New York City. There was some criticism of the media for spending too much time on the rescue of a cat and not on other stories. The story, however, was important because it symbolized and validated the sanctity of life, any life. Why else would so many people, spent so much time, energy and effort to…

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