Photos from the Past

These are collections of photos from various stories I’ve covered. All are captioned and some refer to a movie on another page.

7 thoughts on “Photos from the Past”

  1. From a career broadcast engineer with a lifelong love for the industry:

    Enjoy reading your comments as much as I enjoyed watching you those many years ago (WCBS/2 – wow! Jim Jennings photo brings back good memories!) The TV news biz has changed (too-often for the worse) with little room for intelligent expression (outside of, perhaps, PBS…) from those professionals who have functional brains. Keep up the good work!

  2. Just saw the obit on Michele Marsh tonight which totally got me reminiscing about WCBS-TV days. Pictures of you kept cropping up. Let me know how you’re doing and where you are. Would love to catch up!!!

  3. Mr. Smith:
    I came across your website and I find it enthralling. I am from Massachusetts and used to watch you on WOR Channel 9 on cable many years ago.
    I had the pleasure of meeting your son and daughter-in-law when they lived upstairs from me in South Weymouth, MA years ago. We all had a few drinks together during a major snowstorm–great people.
    It was during this time your son told me about his dad, the anchorman. I am former TV cameraman for WLVI TV 56 in Boston(21 years) so it was fun to talk shop.
    Keep up the great work. Your site is very entertaining.
    Brian T. Sullivan

  4. Happened upon your website and happily recalled growing up in the Bronx and viewing your newscasts. I remember the night when you did a feature concerning an older gentleman who built miniatures of Historic Sites. You ended the story my introducing the man as your father! How proud you were of him; how proud he was of you. I never forgot the story!

  5. Hi,

    On Veterans Day, 1987…. very long time ago… I came to watch the CBS Morning Show, to be in the audience. It was 430am that we left the house, there were frost on the cars, and -this I remembered- the sidewalk in front of CBS 57St was salted when I arrived at 6am- and I couldn’t understand, they have workers who come to work so early in the morning???

    You came out to meet me, as did Mark McEwen, and were very kind in those few moments- you took me to walk up the stairs in the backdrop of the set, for some reason that’s what was so interesting for me! You earned a fan for life, which taught me -and has since been confirmed so many times in my life- that making a positive impression on someone else is essential, and can be enormously beneficial later in life. I hope you are feeling well and Congratulations on a career in TV that has lasted for decades.

  6. I met you at a dinner in Rome, NY with WRNY in 1961 or ’62 (My first broadcast job) and enjoyed the steak … have eaten them medium rare ever since! All the best!

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