Sunsets tell us many things besides ending our day with

the golden light of a day’s appreciation or the evening’s

anticipation. Even if we don’t think about it on a conscious

level, our spirit, our essence anticipates a time of rest.

It is also a time of connection to the dreams of

wonder and pieces of information sent encrypted in 

images to the theater of the mind. Messages of love and

counsel from loved ones, our guides or the Source

are displayed on the screen of thought only to be

unremembered in the morning light ─unremembered, 

but not unfelt.

Flowers are evidence of spiritual life. Their innate passion

for finding and following the light sets an example for us

conscious and aware beings. Even the poorest and dullest

looking flowers exude joy as they blossom into a brief but

beautiful existence.

Would that man could find similar joy in his brief existence.

What change this world would then see!

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  1. Beautiful message on the 8th – my b’day and flowers always make me happy and yes I did have a special bouquet.

    Hope you continue to be very well. Thank you for heart and thought provoking messages.


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