Another way: The Power of Thought

Why have I been silent for nearly six months? No posts despite dynamic events, both politically and socially.

The short answer is that I am concerned about the commonwealth of our nation. I am disturbed that many in Congress fail to see that partisanship leads to unfairness for the common man, common sense, and the common good.

Before my chrysalis of silence, all I wanted to do was to criticize the daily erosion of grace, courtesy, and compromise and warn against the surging extremes on all sides.

I stopped writing because contributing to a negative narrative was not a solution. I needed to think about a different way. What hasn’t been tried before and how it might work. I was even willing to consider that America changed so much that it might be impossible to get back to the core values of freedom and democracy, tolerance for all opinions, and intelligent debate with polite rhetoric.

What I concluded requires some explanation.

I believe thoughts have powerful energy. I think group thoughts are exponentially powerful. These pieces of energy can be positive or negative. If we bombard our leaders with negative energy, it affects them. This is not to mean we should tolerate lies, disparaging insults, and prejudicial elitism, but a thought of positive energy might help change things. If we send benevolent energy to our elected officials, it may help them see and be the light of positive change.

I will always call out inappropriate, illegal, and demeaning behavior from all leaders, but I will not make it my focus for it is counter-productive to the divine light that guides everything.

2 thoughts on “Another way: The Power of Thought”

  1. I agree! Years ago, one of my teachers said: “Just remember, where your thoughts go, your energy goes.” And she was right! Try it yourself. Furthermore, if you can create a positive mindset for yourself, you can spread that energy to whomever crosses your path that day. That can start a wave of kindness, grace, and positivity that has no end. This is how we can help ourselves, one another, and the planet. So simple yet so profound.

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