Sorrow in New Zealand

The Tears of Christchurch

©2019 Rolland g. /Smith

Please tell me when the tears will end;

If you know.

Hate must descend and love transcend


The One God of all, loves us in sooth;


There is no one path to this truth

All ways go there.

To find a way out of your fear.

Yes! Fear.

Let it go and love will appear.


3 thoughts on “Sorrow in New Zealand”

  1. Rolland Smith…Powerful!!!
    I’ve never been to Japan…Having worked at THK America (a Japanese Company) I learned a great deal about their culture. I am not surprised that they have clean streets…
    I have often thought that it is a shame that our ? may one day not exist …All because of our nuclear
    arsenal…And, it saddens me to the core.

    Adele Sbaratta Pepe

  2. Was a pleasure meeting you in Queens! I didn’t know you were a poet as well! I’ve been enjoying reading thru your works. Very nice!
    We’re the fish biting?

    Was a pleasure

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