The Responsibilities of Abundance

I had a simple fish chowder last night, and it was filling and fine.

I thought of those throughout the world who have little or nothing to eat and where starvation is a constant worry. Too many count the grains of rice for the pot to feed a family and deal with the ache of hunger as the body eats itself in a wrenching dichotomy to stay alive.

My simple meal was to millions of souls around the world, a feast.

I went to the doctor the other day for a routine check-up. There too I thought of the ease with which I got an appointment and the pharmacy choices I could go to fill a prescription. There are so many millions in the world who have no access to even simple medical treatments let alone to modern medicines to cure or ease a pain.

To get the same medical expertise, most of the world would have to walk for days or suffer in place.

I have a nice home — good neighbors. I have heat, electricity, and freedom from fear. I know millions love their families as I do mine, but who have no permanent home without the hostile and real intrusion of terror and war.

With all these realizations, there comes a moment when I must ask the question, “Why me?” “Why do I have so much and so many have so little?”

I don’t know the full answer, and I suspect I never will until I get to the other side. I do know there are responsibilities that go with abundance.

Giving from substance.

Compassion and aid to those who suffer.

Tolerance of other’s beliefs.

Awareness of need.

One thought on “The Responsibilities of Abundance”

  1. I’m reminded of the question Paul asked one time: do you know any rich people? He was about 7 then. I told him we were rich. Absent was pain and fear and uncertainty. He had a mama and daddy who loved him. He has his own room, a warm/cool house, food, comforts, support, enough structure and leisure time. I told him that if the whole world was a pie that showed how many were rich and how many were poor, his family would be in the tiniest sliver of richness. Thanks for the reminder, Rolland. I, too, wonder why I am so blessed…

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