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Have you checked what’s essential to you lately? To go right to the immediate national issue: When you think about it, do we need a multi- billion dollar wall along our southern border?

In practicality, we need our infrastructure replaced, repaired, and renovated — our bridges, tunnels, railroads, and airports are in terrible shape. Compared to other countries with a far less gross national product we are far behind. I can understand protecting our borders from real and the figmentation of attack, but that can be done, as best as any border can be secured, at a far less cost.

Society functions and grows on the success of a solid mercantile system. Fear inhibits the creative gestalt and thus progress. All of us are more creative, happier, comfortable and content when a peaceful environment sustains our daily living.

Since the election of Donald Trump, we have been a contentious society. Yes, the market soared and rallied. Yes, joblessness is is at a longtime low, those are fleeting successes.

Long-term prosperity is only measured by our children’s potential to reject a climate of fear and live in an atmosphere of competitive growth.

Politics used to be the energy for the common good. Today it is the constipation of compromise. It is time it stopped. The political obstructionists are not the ones in pain.

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