Things change…

Tomorrow would have been my 55th wedding anniversary had my Annie not moved to the other side. Her spirit still thrives. Only her body died. She passed over three years ago from Cancer. I miss her but know she is onto new awarenesses in the benevolent comfort of unconditional love.

Thinking about our many years together and the institution of marriage I’ve concluded that marriage is an ever-changing contract. It’s never the same for it changes every moment you commit to the well-being of your partner.

Love, as it is perceived through the union of marriage, is ever expanding provided it is nurtured with courtesy, communication, and kindness. How many of us, whether we are one day married or 50 years married, remember to say thank you for even the very simple courtesies of life. Cooking dinner, looking nice, taking out the garbage, struggling to make it better.

Marriage can be, should be, the constant exponential appreciation of the other, if we see our partner through the eyes of wonder.

And wonder becomes radiant and lasting when we give rather than demand and when we appreciate rather than expect.

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