A Spirit’s Place

A Spirit’s Place

©2018 Rolland G. Smith

There is a place by water’s edge
Where spirit’s mind and nature meet.
It’s on a lake where land’s hooked wedge
Have lodge and soul and water greet.

Each cabin there emits a peace.
Its starlight’s silence in the night
Becomes the dawn’s new light’s release
Where morning’s sounds are fresh and bright.

A mist evolves from water’s warm
To fog the lake’s dawn’s peaceful claim,
But soon the sun will beam its norm
And clear the surface shine again.

All what I see is in my mind
From memories of my visit there,
But I would wish that humankind
Could have this comfort everywhere.

First choose to see what’s in your heart

Then choose to be your higher side.

The side that pierces like a dart

And sets aside your ego’s pride.


For us to know all souls are one

We visit places like a lake.

It fills our hearts with grace till done

And hugs dispassion till it breaks.


Be only love that’s what we are

And be of service where we can.

There is no judgement from afar

As we fullfill our spirit’s plan.


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