A Perennial Quest

Humankind is always looking for evidence of life’s continuation. Some people say “I don’t know,” some say, “No way, this is it.” And others wonder and hope there is something beyond this life.

Many accept through faith, the promise of a heavenly reward.

To me, the All That Is in his/her wisdom has left clues for the curious and proof for the discerning, that life never ends. Nature is the key.

Trees and plants and bushes seem to die every fall. They lose their form when their outer garments drop, yet in the spring, leaves return and life continues with a new robe.

I think the human spirit is similar to the nature of trees and other flora. When done, the host body is cast off, but like the tree a part of us, our spirit,  remains alive, free from the constrictions of density and the many illusions we create.

Spirit is our natural state. Human form or incarnation is one way  the All That Is chooses to experience living through us as us. We are the thought offspring of the Source.


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