A different view from a picture window.

Recently, at night, I concentrated on the darkness outside my picture window.

Darkness has never bothered me for it is only the absence of light and when you bring light to anything dark, there is an explosion of clarity, wonder, understanding, and opportunity.

As I looked into the black void beyond the window, I sensed atavistic prayers, grants of forgiveness and regrets for past thoughts. I quickly realized these pleas were my echoes and not from others.

There were no judgments in my intense gaze, only the balm of unconditional love. The kind of love we are preached about in the stone chambers of religion.

I stayed with the vision for quite a while, learning, downloading and then I let it pass into the forgiving memories of past choices.

I think we all should look into the darkness every so often. What the light of our being brings to the dark is substantial, creative and freeing. A single, simple smile  with the intention of love can change the world.

One thought on “A different view from a picture window.”

  1. Rolland, I have always been a little frightened of the dark. Not knowing what is there can be disturbing to some. You have totally changed my point of view. You make the darkness a wonderful place to think, reflect, and hope. Hope for better days to come and leave the regrets in the past. The forgiveness and love you speak of gives me a reason to continue on this journey we call life! Thank you for being who you are, such a kind and gentle man and sharing your profound thoughts with us! Bill

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