Little Things

I saw something beautiful the other day. It was a front door of a home. The color was a soft, yet brilliant dark, penetrating red. Its energy moved me to the point of overwhelming pleasure. It was beautiful. Inviting. I wanted to enter the door, but it wasn’t mine, so I left the vision with appreciation instead.

Color is the Feng Shui of the mind. Color releases inspirational endorphins and awareness. Colors motivate personal action into the realm of intention. In that modality, all things can be accomplished.

Always look for the tiny things in and of life for inspiration. Colors, kittens purring, the sound of a trickling stream, smiles, sunshine, bread baking, harmony in music, hugs, touch, and children’s laughter. Remember that troubles and tribulations are part of life’s growth and spiritual attunement. Choosing a positive attitude eases the passage.

On the inner side of knowing, all is as we’ve created it by our collective oneness and the awesome power of thought.

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