Here’s why

You are right; I haven’t posted very much lately. Every day, every hour it seems that Donald Trump is saying something false, or lying, or attacking someone or something that doesn’t deserve it. Our country is more divided now than it was in most of our lifetimes. There are other reasons, but Trump is the great divider and many are blind believers.

I stopped posting every day because if I did, “The Donald” would be the constant subject that I would want to write about and I don’t want to polarize the political milieu any more than it already is. So I refrain until I can’t stand it anymore.

Donald Trump had the opportunity as an unusual President to inspire grand visions for this fractured United States. Instead of positivity, he wastes his pulpit on the petty and the partlsen. Once a person becomes President, his or her pettiness and partisanship should diminish to only ten percent of his or her being. The other ninety percent should be inspiring, visionary, constructive, and noble and active in sharing the basic tenets of our democratic republic. In a recent visit to Europe, the common thread of my conversations with the locals was, “we used to look up to you, what happened?”

I don’t think for a moment that my commentaries or anyone’s dictates or diatribes will change any staunch believer from favoring one side or the other. What I would wish it would do is to engender heart into the heated debates, courtesy into dialogue, truth into talk, compromise into demands and common-good into solutions.

We all must be careful of political cement. It may harden into a form that may not fit the future of our children or our republic.

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