Rain Drops

Today I spent some time away from the acclaim and the disdain of news and sitting outside I watched the rain come down. I was protected only from the wet.  I felt the rain’s sibilant sounds, the damp, and the constant mesmeric rhythm of nature’s symphony. I felt the divine singularity of a timpani drip and the clap of drops on leaf. It enveloped my whole body with a splash of wonder, and I watched the forest cleansing from the detritus dust of humankind.

What a glorious moment to a dark day to open the poetic muse.

Rain Drops

© 2018 /Rolland G, Smith

The drops, the mist, the pour of rain

In drizzle’s damp and wet refrain

Become the crystal ball of thought

And set a web where dreams are caught.


To watch a drop move down a leaf

And catch a limb with some relief,

Then move, with patience, to the source

As man should do with no remorse.


And once the drop is on the ground

It sinks below without a sound.

To feed the roots of growth above

For me, I call it, Nature’s love.



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