Singapore Summit

I am watching the surreal theatre from Singapore where the President of the United States and the so-called supreme leader of North Korea are meeting for the first time. Each leader has a public agenda shared to the global media and also another one unknown to the other.

I say theatre because in many ways the audience, we, the rest of the world are held captive as an unwitting audience and also players in the global drama that potentially climaxes with death and destruction in a last act of a nuclear war.

Part of me wants to say this is good that the bellicose protagonists are meeting and maybe something positive may result and another part of me is skeptical that neither one of these men care whether a permanent peace is a conclusion; they care that the play emblazes their individual stardom locally and globally.

It is inconceivable to me that these two men of dubious character hold in their ego’s and countries power the future of the human race. How or why do we allow that to happen? The only answer I can embrace is that we, in a subliminal way, are participants, as play- writes in this drama, in order for all of us to grow and to learn that love is the only answer to hate, prejudice, and regional nationalism.

If prayer helps, I’ll do it.

One thought on “Singapore Summit”

  1. I find it amazing how, no matter what the event, a negative take is the result. I have a few questions i would like to pose. What would your direction be in regard to how to deal with North Korea? Is there anything positive about a dialog as opposed to threats? Is it time to step back, evaluate results, and stop the hate campaign that is seperating the Country? What has been done in the past has failed! All the “experts” in the majority of the media cannot get past their own egos. Since they have words not EXPERIENCE IN NEGOTIATION reporting facts might be a start. Seems to me that there is some good possibly happening. It would help the Country to stop the Trump bashing (we all know he is a pompous ass) and try and see the possible good. Again, what are the suggestions? Would the Country be better off with Hillary? Seems the responsibility for our problems lies in the failure of the two party system, the candidates such a corrupt system puts forward. We need a kinder gentler Country. Perhaps a move to a third party would be better than the negativity that permeates the media (on both sides) today. Would love to hear suggestions of what should be done, who the Trump haters would rather be in the White House, and what could be done to truely drain the swamp as opposed to the constant negativity and unite our great Country.

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