I’ve read that 40% of Mr. Trump’s supporters don’t care that he lies. The underlying question is when did not telling the truth become acceptable to the forty percent. If they accept that their president can lie, with support, then they must also lie themselves and to themselves.

That leaves 60% of those supporters do care. Bravo!

Telling the truth has been ingrained in American social structure since the beginning of our republic.

All people, supporters, and non-supporters can deal with the truth as the benchmark of discernment. Truth advances understanding. Lies advance myth and mistrust. All of us, supporters and detractors, are defrauded by lies and deluded by fact-less statements.

Lies make life’s choices a delusion. Truth makes life difficult, uncomfortable, vulnerable and embarrassing, but cleansing. Who hasn’t felt better after admitting to a lie?

It’s not only that Mr. Trump lies all the time, but it’s also that he’s the president. The president is the beacon to the world for what America stands.

Tell the truth, Mr. President. Forgiveness is an abundant trait in our diverse America.

One thought on “Lies”

  1. I have friends who are Trump supporters and the reason they are not concerned about the lies Trump speaks is that they believe that all politicians lie. He is simply playing by their rules. I debate he takes it to a new level and speaks without foundation… They see a non-politician “doing unto others.” To me, Trump is disturbing on so many levels that I’m confounded so many people are blinded by his methodology… This whole unraveling of honor and honesty is widespread and a longtime development… That Republicans saw few redeeming qualities in President Obama, an honorable and upstanding gentleman – and that they tolerate behavior I find despicable means I am so very very far apart from half of my fellow Americans… We truly are divided into two warring camps that hardly resemble each other. The one good thing about Trump? He has shocked into action the apathetic bystanders (of which I was guilty). There will be few abstainers in 2020…

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