Tis the Season

First of all.
Bravo to Alabama. Bravo to the black contingent of Alabama voters who came out in force to save the state from global embarrassment.

Once again.
Shame again on Donald Trump for supporting the accused predator Mr. Moore. It is just another rung on the ladder of impeachment. In my communications with people who are living in other parts of our glorious world. We (The USA) are the subject of ridicule, surprise, and immoral innuendo.

The elites of a Republican Congress have hidden and forced a tax bill on the American public that is unfair, unconscionable, and under-handed to the average tax-payer.

What’s good.
It’s the Christmas season where goodwill should prevail. Let us all pray for and envision a commonality of compassion, a congeniality of compromise, and a Congress of courage to finally do the right thing.

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