Cutting the Lawn and Young People Choices.

I was cutting he lawn the other day and as blades of grass and early flowers were cut in their prime, I wondered how often that happens to young people who are cut off by the blade of parents opinion, by teachers not seeing a potential, by group mores who inhibit rather then encourage, by restricting social conditions and condemnations before individuality can flower into full creative potential.

Authorities, both secular and religious; customs, both political and social often inhibit, if not restrict, the young from choosing a life path other than what is or has been the norm.

How many great discoveries have we cut in the bud by saying we don’t do it that way, or we’ve never done it that way or that’s not the way it’s done? How many creative geniuses have we stifled because Dad or Mom went to that school and so should you or you’ll make more money doing this than that?

How many hearts have we broken or bent in saying, “you must, you should, you’d better, and you owe me?”

Let the unending field of human choice and its innate creativity blossom into greatness.

I believe as philosopher Joseph Campbell espoused, “Follow your bliss” and you will be happy and successful in the context of your happiness. The world then will be a much better place for all of us.

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