In many ways, the re-thinking of Brexit amplifies the observations I have been writing about in this blog for a number of years. To wit: People don’t do enough research on their own to make an educated choice on just about anything.

Once the vote in the UK was tallied and, markets plunged, volatility reigned, and people said to themselves, “what did I do?” And now there are second thoughts. We must remember that it was only a referendum, not an absolute. We’ll see. Choices, however, always have unintended consequences. Your best hedge against the unknown is for you to do your “due diligence” and research the question and consider, “what if.”

In general, human beings are a lazy lot. We think somebody else has done the research, and then we let them tell us what we should do. We listen to neighbors and family and to commentators who we think share our values, but never forget “values” are often another name for “prejudices.” Promoters on all side of any issue always have a hidden agenda. It is very rare when a passion for a project or a change or even an idea is altruistic.

America has similar cataclysmic consequences possible in this election cycle. Each presumed candidate has negatives and positives. They each distort the truth in their campaign rhetoric. Don’t take as truth anything you hear or read. Don’t listen to the pundits, the soothsayers; the truth mongers no matter from where they come. Do your fact checking and not just from sources that share your thinking. Check sources from other sides too. It might surprise you. You are smart enough to discern the best choice for you and then what the majority decides rules. It’s called democracy.

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