The Storm!

Maybe a song someday…


Sittin’ in the house, waiting for the storm.

It’s moving northeast in blizzard form.

Well, maybe not a song. How about a phrase of what is supposed to come? Hmmm, not even that! The recent winter storm track for the northeast keeps changing, at least where I live. It’s too bad for the ski mountains in upstate New York who need natures fluff to help their winter business.

My friend’s south of New York City will get the worst.

My suggestion is to turn off the TV, the radio, worry not about shoveling out the car, that can come later. Enjoy the power of nature. Watch her fury. Acknowledge there is nothing you can do, but to feel the beauty of the storm, the winter brace of accumulation and the tableau of peace that descends during and after the storm passes.

Shakespeare said it best. ‘One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”


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