Bernie and Bill

I read yesterday that Bill O’Reilly said that if Bernie Sanders gets elected president he (Bill) would move to Ireland.

To some people that would be a two-fer.

O’Reilly allegedly said that he is not going to give 90% of his income to that guy.

I don’t know where my old colleague gets that figure, but I don’t know where he gets most of the figures he quotes on his television program.

And the last time I looked at the constitutional structure of this American republic, the president does not get the money, the U.S Treasury does and pays the bills our Congress authorizes.



3 thoughts on “Bernie and Bill”

  1. It seems that fabricated statistics are all the rage. When in doubt, make it up and the masses will believe it. Logic, reason and common sense appear to be gone. Fox News is a misnomer, it should be Fox Opinion, there is a difference. 90% of your income going to the government? Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration? This is typical of the “seat of your pants” musings of Mr. O’Reilly and his ilk.

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