Memories of the Past

Some things I remember.

Television programs were free. You bought the TV, hooked it up to an antenna and you watched television night after night. It was free. Nobody sent you an outrageous cable bill each month.

In the small towns and rural areas in which I grew up nobody locked their doors.

Everyone dressed up for church on Sunday.

Lawns were mowed with push mowers.

Bench seats were common in most cars and seat belts did not exist.

On a teenage date you went to the early movie and were home by eleven.

You had school clothes and play clothes and you changed after school. Shoes too.

You rode your bike to school and no one ever locked them.

A banana split with three scoops of ice-cream and three toppings with whipped cream and nuts cost one dollar.

Police were respected and obeyed.

Congress compromised to get things done for the good of the country.

The television newscaster was trusted and a days worth of network world news only lasted fifteen minutes.

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