I’m travelling for this week.

Things I’ve noticed so far.

How come the hand rail of the esculator goes faster than the stairs so you have to keep adjusting your hand position on a long ride up or down?

How come the younger people in line at the airport TSA have to take off their shoes and older people do not? Don’t you think there are old ones out there who imbrace violence the same as the young ones do?

How come you are sitting a few inches from your seat mates, enjoying a snack or a box meal, and nobody talks to one another? We had that in detention and silent study in high school and no meal was involved and still we managed to communicate.

How come airlines cater to the high-paying passengers and not the steerage folks in the back? Never mind I know the answer to that question.

How come my bag that was checked in early, is the last to arrive on the carrosel?

How come airlines are still charging a surcharge and baggage fees when the cost of all fuel has gone down for the past several months?

I saw one person reading a book; the rest were on their tablets or phones all during the flight.

I think blatters shrink at high altitudes.

Don’t be the C seat in an ABC configeration when your blatter shrinks. How do you spell “annoyed?”

Did you know flatulance permimeats an entire airplane cabin?

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