Why are generals who usurp the democratic process by instigating a coup have the audacity to shed their uniform and claim to run for the presidency. Egypt. Does Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi think the world does not know his duplicity? Such arrogance.

Why do the big banks, like Bank of America and others before it, pay billions and billions of dollars to settle Mortgage Securities suits? Why just fines for the companies? Where are the names for prosecution?

Why is the TSA expanding itself once again? This time by asking for armed guards at airport checkpoints. Seems to me we should be diminishing the TSA not expanding it.

Why are we still executing people in 2014? Oh, it’s Mississippi! Now I know. I thought at first it was Texas. Egypt does it to get rid of the opposition. At least an Oklahoma judge declared executions unconstitutional.

Why is Mike Huckabee hinting of a 2016 presidential bid? Someone tell him his time is over.

Why are we still supporting Pakistan? We send billions in aid (bribes) and much of it goes to their CIA equivalent and a lot gets to the Taliban.

Why is Russia’s troop buildup continuing in the Ukraine? Putin said he had no interest beyond Crimea. I love the Putin style of democracy. There was no place to vote no on the Crimean ballot to join Russia.

Why is not the world worried about the radiation contamination from Japan’s Fukushima Diachi Nuclear plant?

Why do I even think about these things?

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