The Internet

The Internet media of today has the potential of being the Alexandria library of our time, complete with video and audio documentation that can be shared with several billion souls worldwide; a potential coverage unequaled in the history of communication.

The passive television of the past forced the world to see unique cultures and customs diluted into a common visual ideology rather than into a global cosmology; misunderstandings and wars resulted. The technology of the present has the potential to change that.

Used in an innovative and creative way, the Internet media’s responsibility is to reduce fear and encourage a global partnership and a community of cooperation. It is a way to see, not only the oneness of humankind, but also the diversity within the oneness.

The new Internet media, through tweets and twitters and innovative programming, empowers the user/viewer by changing the relationship between the individual and the monitor. It creates a multilogue of useful and personally verifiable information, coupled with the stories of living diverse lives.

The Internet motivates and inspires the individual to become interactively involved, rather than passively addicted.

When that happens transformation is possible.

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