A Dream

In a dream a voice said…

“I will tell you an ancient story of the future. There was light then, but it was mostly the shadow light of fear. And when the storytellers of that time told their stories it made people afraid of life and living and unaware of the abundant choices they had at each precious moment.

The people were smothered with tales of pain and greed, of violence and victims, of worry and fear, of threats and polemics. There was little enthusiasm for information for it all seemed tainted and negative.

Yes, the stories of that time were told and told well, with pictures and words and sounds; instant pictures from anywhere were possible. Sometimes the stories were told as they were happening and then  recorded to tell over and over again around the tribal fire of the tube.

Without the balance of context, the vibration of awareness and the frequency of understanding lessened and thus the interconnection of each to the other was hidden. At the time, no one realized that the constant bombardment of negative images and contentious words would be so harmful.

Each day, the news would begin with, “Good Evening everyone.”  People listened, they were somewhat informed, but they were not transformed.

Then, there came a time, a moment in the now, when the collective spirit of many people spoke in a clarion voice of cooperation, and said, “Enough!” There is more to life and living than what you say. We are not fear-based beings, we are love-based spirits having a human experience and we choose it now.

And it came to pass that the storytellers of that time, stopped and listened, listened to their hearts for they are attuned to the Divine. And when they did humanity awakened to the essence and reality of balanced information.”

And then I woke up! What a dream!

“…A critical mass is self-generating. 
When it’s once started… it can change the rhythmic beat of anyone 
who is out of step with the Divine. 
That is the value of community.”

Kenneth George Mills

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