One thought on “Gyroplane Refrain”

  1. I just found your web site. How wonderful ! Actually I was looking for some sign of your existence. Many, many years ago (may be 30 or more) I was commenting on how wonderful you were to my dear friend Jack and his wife Judy… instead of sharing my point of view Jack said I was a sucker for anybody who talked about God, our responsabilities to our Planet and all that ecological stuff. I was offended and very disappointed but proudly I showed Jack a poster with your picture, your name, and… to speak on “COMMUNICATIONS and SPIRITUALITY” SUNDAY OCTOBER 18TH 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM. At the Jewish Community Center of Norwalk, ……….. sponsored by LOGOS …… and more…… lots of great things about you….. however NO date of the YEAR, do you remember this speaking engagement? It was a long time ago, since then Jack has retired from his medical practice, and still disagree about anything I say, his wife Judy had been actively campagning for H. Clinton (OK it did not work out), and I still have your poster. Quelle vie!!!! Hope all is well with you. Most sincerely, Caprice.

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