Limerick: Bowl forty and eight

Bowl 40 and 8

©2014 Rolland G. Smith


With pride the fans came to the bowl,

thinking their team could control

the ball on the ground

in the air all around

to the other, a bell would toll.


The bowl is the ultimate game,

Teams getting their fortune and fame.

Bowl forty and eight

We’ll see and we wait

Will the teams next year be the same?


The Bronco’s from Denver do fight

the Seahawaks from the West of might.

The temperatures fine

At least for this time

No snow in the North to excite


Today with some with hindsight and woes

and healing of scrimmaging blows.

No media hype

Or occasional snipe

The losers, their bragging, now stowed.


In this life of struggle and fears,

In this time of laughter and tears.

We need this big game,

To help us stay sane

And New Jersey sent us the cheers.


The season is over and done,

The heart never caring who won,

The game is the thing

By hoping to bring,

A code of competitive fun.

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