Renewed Wishes

I wish a number of common sense people could move to the congressional districts of stubborn uncompromising representatives and vote them out of office.

I wish we had term limits for all elected officials.

I wish Congress would have our Social Security System and our health care and not the elitist systems they voted for themselves way back when.

I wish we each had the power to demand certain drivers retake the written and road test.

I wish there were a universal code of behavior for all parents to teach their children with a special mandatory refresher section for stores and restaurants.

I wish every graduating college student could write a simple declarative sentence.

I wish there were a flat tax for all Americans and corporations. No deductions; no loop holes.

I wish all candidates for elective office had to pass a history and a geography test and take an ethics course.

I wish all children in the world would never know hunger.

I wish golf balls would always go straight, I was always right, ice cream had no calories, gas was a dollar a gallon and there was no need for the TSA.

OK, I’m awake. What a dream.

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