A Reasonable Rant

Observations from a plan

I was traveling out of country last Friday to visit friends for a few days of levity and what goes with it. Bermuda has always been a favorite destination in the past

I wish I were traveling first class, but I wasn’t. I reluctantly mixed in with all those who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars more for reasonable comfort. I was sitting one seat away from first class and it was difference of a thousand dollars between the seats for the one-hour and forty minute flight.

Here’s what I noticed

Airlines are gouging passengers with high dollar extras that ought to be free.

I checked two bags. Each bag was fifty dollars more.

Carry-on’s are too big. Size of the carry-on’s is not enforced.

Americans are fat, some very fat.

Some flight attendants ought to quit and find a job they like.

If your airline employee is going to make public announcement, at least have them speak in a clear understandable unaccented english.

The TSA ought to be restructured. We live in a fear promoted societ

Now for Bermuda. It has changed since I was here 14 years ago. It is not as quaint. It is price gouging tourists. Everything is very expensive. Cabs are outrageous. Thirty to forty dollars to go from Hamilton to Southampton. The island is only about 21 miles long. Beer ten dollars. Breakfast eighty dollars. Dinner shameful

I am copying this post to the Minister of Touris

It used to be a reasonable place to visit.


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