What is it?

We have a continuing big problem on this planet.

It’s AIDS. HIV infection.

22.9 million of the 40 milion people worldwide infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. Only one percent of those who need anti-aids drugs get them. The cost is too high.

Already there are 11 million orphans.

In fact the professionals needed to confront the disease are dying faster than new ones can be trained.

The moral dilemma for the industrialized nations is why have we ignored Africa and the AIDS epidemic for such a long time and let it fester to genocidal proportions. Why are we not, as human beings, seeing this as a pandemic emergency?


If we look at it only as governments, as drug companies, as it being far away, as it being not my problem, a dispassionate venue emerges. If we look at it as fellow human beings, then the suffering, the pathos, the inhumanity of it all is shocking and shameful that we let it happen.

I wonder if greed, or to be nicer, the profit margin, has anything to do with it?  What is it?
I wonder if race has anything to do with it?  What is it?

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