Where is Peace?

Where is Peace?

© 2011 Rolland G. Smith

The world’s gone awry it seems,
So many harms and hurts each day
That change the hopes of global dreams
Both in our hearts and faraway.

But what I know and what I see
Are separate things beyond the mind.
The seeing lets me disagree
Yet knowing is my soul’s remind.

It lets me know that life is right
Despite the anger and the pain,
For we create and then indict
The actions that we all disdain.

Where do we go for peace and calm?
A forrest patch or by the sea?
In Christian thought or too Islam?
The other then would disagree.

So here’s a truth I know as true.
You want to live in peace and light?
Let go of what we all eschew
And watch your soul in light ignite.

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