Legal Idiocy

The world is in disorder. Three wars are being fought in disparate parts of our globe; young people from many cultures are dying because of humanities insanity.

We have destruction and tragedy and contaminating radiation on a continuing basis in Japan and three of the world’s most powerful techno giants are spending obscene amounts of legal money over two little words. “App Store.”

Good Grief!!

This is from the New York Times:

“Microsoft is suing Apple, and Apple is suing Amazon, all over the right to use a simple two-word phrase: “app store.” Apple got there first, introducing its App Store in July 2008 as a marketplace for mobile applications. In January, Microsoft disputed Apple’s trademark claim, arguing that “app store” had already become a generic expression. And last week, Amazon announced its own “Appstore” for Google’s Android devices, prompting an infringement suit from Apple.”

WHO CARES GUYS! IT’S A DAMN APP STORE! GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT and use the money you are spending on lawsuits for something good in this troubled world.

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