Zero Thinking

When did we change? In recent weeks there have been stories of intolerance and adult reactionary idiocy dealing with school children and the absurdity of zero tolerance.

There was a nine year old kicked out of school for couple of days because he slapped a sign on the back of some classmates that said, “kick me.”

Another grade school child was arrested by police for assault because he put spit wads in a straw and fired at other students. When asked, police said, “assault is assault.”

Kids can’t be kids anymore.

Good grief!  Are our authorities really that stupid? I know the world has changed since I was a kid, but this is ridiculous.

Zero tolerance is for intricate machines and component parts that must mesh exactly. Micrometer measurements are not for humans, adults or children. Let us get back to reason and understanding.

I will never understand why the TSA at airport checkpoints will take away a nail clipper, but some airlines still serve food with real knives and forks; even a plastic one could be a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

Where is the common sense?

Fear has truly usurped our freedoms.

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