Lara Logan

Once again, in this old world, I am disappointed in the morality and actions of humankind. I know, I know, I should think differently because of my long time reportorial observations of what is seemingly a sordid planet, but …

I am referring to the brutal beating and sexual attack on correspondent Lara Logan, a South African national working as a war correspondent for CBS News in Egypt.

I will not belabor this point. The Egyptian goons who did this are not worthy of the nation of Egypt nor should they be embraced into the family of man. Human scum comes to mind, but then I should try to be more tolerant and non-judgmental. I’m working on it!

The slogan has always been don’t shoot the messenger, as the old journalistic metaphor goes.

From the time of ancient Greece people have a tendency to react badly to a person who delivers bad news, especially when the person who actually caused the unwanted event is not around.

In the Lara Logan case she was not delivering bad news, not inciting revolution as some Mubarak supporters insinuated for all journalists. She was just doing her job. She did get separated from her crew and that was unfortunate. It was an aleged time of celebration for the protestors in Egypt. Most were reacting to the news that President Hosni Mubarak stepped down. What happened to Ms. Logan was pure cruelty and mob rule.

It is unfortunate that those responsible will not be prosecuted or jailed. In all abhorrent actions the frenzied participants slink home to wallow in the self-shame of guilt. They never get the courage for even a remorseful thought.

There are goons and low-life in all cultures. I wish I knew why.

2 thoughts on “Lara Logan”

  1. Things seem to be devolving into chaos across the Middle East. We all read Lord of the Flies in high school and pondered the treatment meted out to "Piggy" by a group of boys transformed by circumstances into a gang of thugs. Popular revolution leaves a vacuum in its wake. Civilization and its discontents, as Freud would say. Journalists are so often courageous beyond what anyone realizes. This is an awful case of brutal, animal behavior with Lara Logan as undeserving victim.

  2. If ,for whatever reason, you choose to stand in front of a gun you just might get shot.
    Common sense, had it prevailed, would have Ms Logan in a much less volitile location for her report.

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