Ah Watson!

If you didn’t see the victory that the IBM Watson computer won over the two most winning contestents in Jeopardy’s history it’s OK. It was fun and helps all of us realize that the factual intelligence of a computer is only as smart as it’s programmed.

Watson may have won the three-day contest money, but the demonstration was just a beginning of what computers can do. They can analyze facts and conjugate verbs and quickly give a best guess answer based on the informational input, but could Watson, or the Watson’s of the future synthesize emotions?

Can computer calculations embrace or at least consider, empathy, compassion, prejudice, jealousy, emotion, courage, sympathy, kindness, concern, sentiment, passion, valor and even love?

The human mind is capable of including all of these factors instantaneously within a probable answer. Watson is not.

We, as a society must be careful we do not give away our emotions to the programmed intellect of a super computer and let it decide or choose for us.

The world needs facts to make a determination; decisions need emotion to make a judgment and only human’s can do that, so far.

Thank you IBM, but it’s back to the lab.

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