Gratitude is a little used emotion.

Life’s simple experiences, the ones we enjoy doing, our hobbies, our passions and even the ones that we don’t pursue, but are presented to us, sunsets, the feeling of a warm breeze, a field of flowers, a child singing, a lovers touch, a strangers smile, all of these things engender joy and appreciation, but rarely gratitude.

I wasn’t going to mention snow, because of shoveling and plowing and we’ve had a lot of that this winter in the northeast. But the silent beauty in a pristine snowfall is without equal. It is peaceful and calming provided you can let go the travel worry.

We take much for granted. Our sight, that lets us see the beauty of the world. Our hearing, that lets us enjoy the harmony of nature and each other. Our freedom, both physical and political, that lets us follow our hearts and interests.

It’s generally not until we are shocked into loss or incapacitation through illness or injury or cataclysmic events that we begin to truly appreciate what we had and perhaps acknowledge that if we had it again gratitude would be part of our daily ritual of thanks.

One thought on “Gratitude”

  1. Well I can say that I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you and to work with you today on our important project. When discussing some of the events we touched upon, emotions certainly bubble up. Emotions make us human, they are primary. Simple gratitude for those who show up on our path deserves reflection. Thank you for these thoughts.

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